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Grow your small business in your small town
wherever you are, on-the-go.

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As a small business owner in a small town, do you find yourself:

  • Lacking confidence in your financials, pricing and operations

  • Not having a place to turn to for solid advice while on-the-go

  •  Wondering if you're marketing yourself correctly

  • Unsure if your team is as efficient and effective as they could be

  • Lonely without a community you can turn to who will understand your journey 

We've got your back, and you've got this.

Here's how:


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Be informed, be confident, and grow your business - with other Starters throughout the US.

Become A Small Town Starter

Owning a small town business is hard. It takes passion, perseverance, and determination. We know because we've done it - and we've helped hundreds of others launch and grow their businesses too. We've taken everything we've learned and made it easy for you to access on-the-go through Small Town Starters, an online platform paired with in-person experiences that will take your business to the next level.

On-demand Education

Knowledge is power. Gain access to ever-growing mini-masters courses. Bite-sized pieces of content meant to give you exactly what you need in 3-5 minutes, with topics ranging from marketing, to finances, to operations, pricing, inventory, hiring, termination and more. Grow faster than you ever have, with educational pieces for every industry.

Working on a Computer

Becoming a Starter means:


Freelancer Working from Home

Easy-To-Use Tool Kits

Stop re-inventing the wheel. Get access to our library of tool kits and templates created from successful small businesses who have tweaked them over time. Topics are on on everything from business plans, to holiday marketing plans, pricing models, employee handbook templates, growth and leadership plans for your small town, and more. New tool kits and templates added monthly, plus the ability to request and vote for specific tool kits, too!

Instant Help When You Need It

Get off the island - you're no longer alone in growing your business. Ask questions via text message or through one-on-one consultations with Small Town Startup-certified small business consultants. No more wondering if you're making the right move - get the right answers at the right time.

On a Video Call
  • Startup

    Every month
    Perfect for small businesses just starting out.
    • On-demand classes
    • Growth-focused tool kits & templates
    • Live Zoom classes and networking events
    • Access to our small business community
  • Established Business

    Every month
    Ideal for established businesses, 1-6 years old.
    • Unlimited text messaging with business consultants
    • On demand classes
    • Growth-focused tool kits and templates
    • Live Zoom classes & networking events
    • Access to our small business community
  • Business Partner

    Every month
    Weekly one-on-one coaching for small businesses.
    • Monthly one-on-one virtual consultations
    • 30-day plans from your consultant to grow your business
    • Unlimited text messaging with your consultant.
    • On-demand classes
    • Growth-focused tool kits and templates
    • Live Zoom classes and networking events
    • Access to our small business community
    • Weekly 10 minute phone call check-ins with your consultant

Pick Your Starters' Plan

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